Welcome! Thank you for your interest in exhibiting at the 2017 Vancouver Tea Festival. The exhibition/public market portion of the festival will take place in the auditorium of the Chinese Cultural Centre of Greater Vancouver (50 E. Pender St.) on Saturday, November 4th, from 10 AM - 6 PM, and Sunday, November 5th, from 11 AM - 5 PM. [Other events occurring during the festival, including presentations and tea tastings, will be located in the adjacent Dr. Sun Yat-Sen Classical Chinese Garden (578 Carrall St., Vancouver).] 

For 2017, we are pleased to again offer direct selection of exhibitor booths, based on the positive feedback we received from introducing this feature at the 2016 festival. Rather than having a booth allocated to you, you can choose exactly the booth you want!* 

We are also pleased to offer a greater range of booth pricing for 2017, including some of our most affordable pricing since our inaugural festival. This year's festival will feature three categories of booth - Premium, Regular Plus, and Regular, with the majority of booths falling into the latter category. For almost all exhibitors, this will mean a similar or lower-priced booth (on a per-day basis) when compared with 2016. 

We are also reducing the total number of booths available this year, and offering transparency about which exhibitor has purchased which booth(s) to help make selecting your booth location easier.

New for 2017, the Vancouver Tea Festival will be expanded to two days. Exhibitors may purchase a booth for Saturday alone, Sunday alone, or both Saturday and Sunday. A discounted price will be offered to exhibitors who wish to exhibit both days. When registering, exhibitors must indicate which day(s) they wish to exhibit. Exhibitors participating in both days of the festival MUST purchase the same booth(s) for both days unless otherwise approved by Vancouver Tea Society. 

Below is a floor plan depicting the festival floor layout. 

To choose your booth and register for the 2017 Vancouver Tea Festival:

1. Carefully examine the floor plan and decide which booth(s) you would like; each booth is 10 feet (3 metres) by 10 feet. Note the number(s) of the booth(s). If you will require any electricity at your booth to power kettles, displays, etc., you will need to purchase an electricity surcharge for each day you exhibit. Click here to add.

2. Scroll down to the Booth List and click on the item (e.g. Booth 1) that corresponds to the booth you would like. Double booths are also available (please see below for instructions on double booth purchases). Clicking on the item will take you to a separate page.

3. For Regular booths, select either 'Returning' or 'New' from the 'Exhibitor Type' drop-down menu to display the correct price (this does not apply to Premium or Regular Plus booths.) Then, select whether you wish to purchase the booth for both Saturday and Sunday; Saturday only; or Sunday only.

4. Take a deep breath, then make payment. :)

5. Come back to this page and download the 2017 Vancouver Tea Festival Exhibitor Contract (PDF version) (Word-compatible version). Read it thoroughly, sign, and remit your signed contract to Stephanie [at]

6. Email your logo in a web-ready format (JPG or PNG preferred) to Del [at] so we can add it to our exhibitor page. 

7. You're done! (Hooray!) We're excited to have you!

*Booth choice dependent on availability at time of selection. All booths are subject to selection on a first-come, first-serve basis, and booth layout may be modified at any time, at Vancouver Tea Society's sole discretion.



Once you have examined the floor plan above and noted the number(s) that correspond(s) to your preferred booth(s), select your booth(s) by clicking on the corresponding number(s) in the list below - e.g. Booth 1. To purchase a double booth, please purchase adjacent booths separately. For example, if you wish to purchase a double booth consisting of booths 11 and 12, please purchase booth 11 first, verify booth 12 is available, then purchase booth 12. 

Exhibitors who wish to have electricity must purchase an electricity surcharge for each exhibiting day HERE.

Exhibitors requiring electricity who purchase a double booth for both Saturday and Sunday will receive a rebate equivalent to one day's electricity surcharge (subject to reasonable limits, at the discretion of Vancouver Tea Society).

NB: Please note that due to varying booth configurations, in some cases a booth may appear to be available when it has in fact already been purchased. We will endeavour to update booth availability as quickly and frequently as possible, but your booth will not be officially yours until confirmed by Vancouver Tea Society. We apologize in advance for any inconvenience. 

For any questions or problems with booth selection, please email Del [at]


BOOTH 1 (PREMIUM) - SOLD! (both days) - Tea Sparrow

BOOTH 2 (REGULAR PLUS) - SOLD! (both days) - Young Mountain Tea

BOOTH 3 (REGULAR) - SOLD! (both days) - Oollo Tea

BOOTH 4 (REGULAR) - SOLD! (both days) - M Concepts/Guangzhou Zimin Cha Ye Ltd.

BOOTH 5 (REGULAR) - SOLD! (both days) - M Concepts/Guangzhou Zimin Cha Ye Ltd.

BOOTH 6 (REGULAR PLUS) - SOLD! (both days) - O5 Tea

BOOTH 7 (REGULAR PLUS) - SOLD! (both days) - Amoda Tea

BOOTH 8 (REGULAR) - Current Availability: AVAILABLE SUNDAY [Sold Saturday - Fok's Trading (Canada) Ltd.]

BOOTH 9 (REGULAR) - SOLD! (both days) - Grandtea Town

BOOTH 10 (REGULAR) - SOLD! (both days) - Whisk Matcha

BOOTH 11 (REGULAR) - Current Availability: AVAILABLE SUNDAY (Sold Saturday - Aroma Tea House )

BOOTH 12 (PREMIUM) - SOLD! (both days) - The Chinese Tea Shop

BOOTH 13 (REGULAR) - SOLD! (both days) - Trudy Ann's Chai

BOOTH 14 (REGULAR) - SOLD! (both days) - Tea Art of China


BOOTH 16 (REGULAR) - SOLD! (both days) - Shaktea

BOOTH 17 (REGULAR) - SOLD! (both days) - Silver Crescent Tea

BOOTH 18 (REGULAR PLUS) - Current Availability: AVAILABLE SUNDAY (Sold Saturday - JusTea)

BOOTH 19 (REGULAR PLUS) - SOLD! (both days) - Steeped Tea (One Falling Leaf)

BOOTH 20 (REGULAR) - SOLD! (both days) - Turmeric Teas

BOOTH 21 (REGULAR) - Current Availability: AVAILABLE SUNDAY (Sold Saturday - Lime & Moon Pie Company)

BOOTH 22 (REGULAR) - SOLD! (both days) - Georgian Tea House

BOOTH 23 (REGULAR) - Current Availability:  Unavailable